TINHARI SAND RACE 2019-2020 The fifth edition of the Algeria Rally - Tinhari Sand Race - will be extremely innovative and strongly oriented towards adventure and individual performance, while offering an even greater level of security with the installation of private and military airborne means, as well as as 4X4 ambulances scattered on the ground. The FIA/FIM rally-raid safety regulations will be respected, without requiring competitors to the level of preparation required by international regulations.   To improve the user-friendliness aspect, the Tinhari Sand Race will be joined by a "Feminine" category and a "Historic Vehicle" category, both of which may evolve into the Rally classification category or the undefined Raid category. To reconnect with the tradition of African rally-raids that we loved so much, a marathon stage (without assistance) will offer an out-of-the-ordinary approach with the crossing of the great Western erg. The "Raid" group will have their organization modified so that the crews concerned no longer have to wait for the start of the race to be able to start. A dedicated side organization and specific courses will guarantee a full "Raid" experience in a more convivial context, because it is autonomous and not constrained by the rally's progress. The "Raid" category will be confronted with an "Orientation" stage, without a Road-Book, which will call for the control of the ground navigation by the crews. However, the bivouacs, always common, will be a place of conviviality and sharing with the crews of the race.
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Fifth Edition Rallye et Raid
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